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Triumphant Entry  by MasterEdi
Triumphant Entry
This is a work in progress. It depicts a High Plains chieftain returning home after a hard fought victory. In his regal dress, he carries the weight of leadership with dignity. Like a knight of the old west. Yet by his look and demeanor, there is an inward contemplation of serious thought and reflection. Yes, he won the battle, but how will he win the war? Victory today does not guarantee victory tomorrow. He reflects deeply on his family and his people. How will he be able to protect them in the future? Their way of life was disappearing rapidly, and it was only a matter of time before the overwhelming odds would prove insurmountable.
The Redmen by MasterEdi
The Redmen
This piece is called 'The Redmen'. It depicts an Iroquois war party as it comes ashore. It won Best in Class for sculpture overall at the 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market! What an honor!
The Trackers by MasterEdi
The Trackers
In its beautiful home in Dallas Texas, the Trackers fit extremely well in this natural setting.
Geronimo: The Last Renegade by MasterEdi
Geronimo: The Last Renegade
The famous Apache leader Geronimo was born in June 1829 in No-Doyohn Canyon, Mexico. He belonged to the smallest band within the Chiricahua tribe, the Bedonkohe. Numbering a little more than 8,000, the Apaches were surrounded by enemies, including Mexicans, Navajos and Comanches. Raiding their neighbors was a part of the Apache life. Even at the early age of 17, Geronimo himself had already led four successful raiding operations. Eventually, Geronimo fell in love with a woman named Alope. The two married and had three children together. Yet tragedy struck. While out on a trading trip, Mexican soldiers attacked his camp. Word of the ransacking soon reached the Apache men. Quietly that night, Geronimo returned home, where he found his mother, wife and all three of his children dead. Many say this is when Geronimo changed forever. In the tradition of the Apache, he set fire to his family's belongings and then, in a show of grief, headed into the wilderness to bereave the deaths. There, it's said, alone and crying, a voice came to Geronimo that promised him: "No gun will ever kill you. I will take the bullets from the guns of the Mexicans … and I will guide your arrows." Backed by this sudden knowledge of this power, Geronimo rounded up a force of 200 men and hunted down the Mexican soldiers who killed his family. Geronimo proved to be as elusive as he was aggressive the rest of his life. Resisting reservation life, He and his men engaged in what proved to be the last of the Indian wars against the U.S. Perceptions of Geronimo were nearly as complex as the man himself. His followers viewed him as the last great defender of the Native American way of life. But others, including fellow Apaches, saw him as a stubborn holdout, violently driven by revenge and foolishly putting the lives of people in danger. Still, the seemingly mystical leader was transformed into a legend as newspapers closely followed the Army's pursuit of him. At one point nearly a quarter of the Army's forces—5,000 troops—were trying to hunt him down. Finally, in the summer of 1886, he surrendered, as the last Native Holdout of Old West.
Night Watchers by MasterEdi
Night Watchers
This is my depiction of a couple of Western Screech Owls. Small, but Beautiful nocturnal birds of the southwest.
I am a working professional Native American Sculptor.  I work both in my personal studio as well as in a Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. My work consists of mainly in the realm of bronze sculpture, but I dabble in painting, drawing, as well.  I am also a total geek about Sci-fi and fantasy! ... Thus the random Fan Art creations as well!  Hope you enjoy my work!  Keep creating!


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Ed Natiya
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a Native American sculptor, Ed Natiya. My work can currently be seen in Santa Fe New Mexico at Huey's Fine Art as well as in Tulsa Oklahoma at Lovett's Gallery. I enjoy all types of Art as well as great Fan Art! I look forward to seeing and being inspired by the incredible amount of creativity shown here.

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Thank you very much for adding my painting to your favorites. I am honored that you like the piece.
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Ed, Thank you for the watch.

I'm a fairly new to the sculpting scene but I sense a gift from the Lord to sculpt! So I'm using my hands to create & learn as I go.

thanks again 
MasterEdi Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
That's how I started out 12 years ago, just keep developing your talent and enjoy the ride!
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Thank you for the encouraging words. Your work is inspirational!

... I'll keep pushing forward.
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Ed you have some awesome work! Love your attention to detail & anatomy is inspiring to look at.

I look forward to seeing more of your work!
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wonderful gallery! i can't wait to see more :)
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